enterprise agile transformation

enterprise agile transformation

As a leading Agile Transformation Consulting company, we help our clients enable Agile Leadership and culture, build Agile Organization and high-performing Agile Teams, equip Agile Infrastructure with powerful Agile Tooling, and accelerate your Business Agility.

focus on lean agile training

focus on lean agile training, consulting and coaching services for 17 years

Since 2008, we have held more than 1500 agile certification classes in greater china, certified 70% Scrum Master/PO in China, and helped dozens of large enterprises adopt successful agile transformation.

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more than 1,000 companies trust us

More than 100,000 practitioners and 1000 enterprises in nearly every industry have chosen us.

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our services

Agile Certification

We offer Scrum and SAFe certified public courses that are widely recognized around the world. Including CSM, A-CSM, CSPO, A CSPO, CSD, Leading SAFe, etc.

Agile Training

We have built a comprehensive capability-based lean and agile training system, providing training courses tailored to local conditions for customers with different needs and roles from various competitiveness dimensions.

Agile Transformation Guidance & Consulting

We provide a roadmap for enterprise agile transformation, through the on-site guidance of senior agile coaches, assist the growth of internal agile coaches, and finally achieve the goal of agile transformation.



The course is very interesting, with a lot of discussions, guidance and inspiration. I am very impressed with the practice (turning chips) in the course that allows group students to collaborate and deliver value. Scrum allows us to reduce waiting and waste, and deliver maximum value in the shortest time .
EA project manager
It has completely corrected our previous misunderstanding of self-organization and gained a deep understanding of new management thinking. The lecturer combined the ideas of Scrum and agile with some of his previous project practices, and it felt quite practical.
Taobao employee
I have never been exposed to Scrum before, and the content of the two-day training course is very substantial, and I have systematically mastered the Scrum method through two-day study and comparison. The course structure is clear, the teaching method is novel, and the sense of participation is strong. It is worth recommending !
Shanghai sony employee

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